Frequently asked questions(FAQ)



We are offering ‘first class free package’ so that the students could see the standards of learning we are providing.

It is the policy of our company to hire teachers with minimum qualifications of Masters with a minimum of two years of experience.

It depends on the students and their feasible approach to learning. But we believe that online tutoring is as much similar to the one on one tutoring in many perspectives. We are also providing ‘one on one’ tutoring if you are living nearby to our offices.

Yes, we do, we are providing services for nay sorts of standardized exams.

Yes, we do. We have the policy to accommodate international students related to any kind of subjects and curriculum including O & A levels, Matric, F.Sc, CBSE, IB, HND, IELTS, etc. we are providing services for all mainstream foreign languages.

There is a need for a simple system in the form of desktop computers or laptops, android phones, etc. with the basic connection of the internet with sound speed.

Yes, we have the policy to make the availability of materials, which are helpful in the learning process of the students, to the teachers. 

One on one is taking an online class to help in course. While homework is related to assignments and we can help you with any kind of assignment as well.

We have the policy to solve the problems within 30 minutes

Yes, we do. We have specially trained teachers for this purpose.

Yes, for offline payments you can use PayPal, western union, or any exchange nearby you.

  • Connecting online with students of all ages to provide homework help and tutoring in the subjects for which you have demonstrated expertise.
  • Guiding students to understand the topics they bring to each tutoring session.
  • Encouraging students to engage actively with their topics to build a deeper understanding.
  • Helping build student confidence in their ability to learn and to understand challenging concepts.
  • Using state of the art online tools such as an interactive whiteboard, voice and chat communication, and application sharing.

Classifying each session according to the scope and sequence of the topics discussed.

There is no need for specialized equipment. You can make connections by use of basic internet connection to a mobile phone, laptop, tablet, and desktop computers. With the help of all this equipment, you can use our services

The only thing to consider is where you and the teacher can feel comfortable. It is can be your room or any nearby coffee shops with little disturbances.

Please visit our packages on the website you will be addressed related to your every query there related to charging.

The minimum time for any kind of lesson is 1 hour.

Yes, it is, you can read the privacy policy on our website to learn more. We have the policy to provide our services professionally and with responsibility.

No there is no need for special software. The only requirement is the presence of a sound connection of the internet with your mobile phone or laptop etc.

There is a very simple procedure by ‘logging in’ by making your account by ‘signing up’ on our website you can become a registered user.

Once you have signed up and then go to the login section. On the dashboard you will find settings option then in settings, you can edit everything.

Simply sign up and create your contact. After that, you have to contact the management and they will assign you the relevant teachers for your subjects.

You need to have a class first and after the class, both of you can exchange the information to remain in contact with each other.

Yes, it is, if you take our group classes you can make connections and make new friends as well.

There is no such subject on our website for which we are not providing our services. But you can contact the management to help you with the required subject if you find that your desired subject is not present on the list.

For this purpose go to our teacher’s section and visit the teacher’s profiles you will find everything about the credentials of the teachers.

Simply contact the management the issue will be resolve in 30 minutes.

Yes, we are providing our services for all mainstream foreign languages. To know more about the details you can visit our foreign courses login. The basic purpose is to accommodate foreign students around the globe.

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