1. The company is offering money-back guarantee if the student has not been satisfied with the performance of the teacher. But the facility will be open in such a case when the student is going to report his/her unsatisfactory behavior to the management at the right time. So in order to avail of the provision, the student must report as soon as possible.
  2. If the student does not report the poor performance of the teacher and the course module has been completed, at that moment if the student is going to complain about the teacher the student will not be able to avail the facility of money-back guarantee.
  3. We are also offering the condition to the students that if they have joined the online tuitions to get a particular grade for example ‘A’ grade and if he/she is not able to get the required grade while the management has given full support and dedication, still the condition of money-back guarantee will be opened.

 You must not:

  1. There is a zero-tolerance policy regarding the misbehavior and poor attitude of the student to the teacher. We are providing the platform with the inclusion of mutual respect for all of the stakeholders especially students and teachers. So any kind of foul language by the students will not be forgiven.
  2. The penalty of the student who has been found guilty of misbehaving with the student, management holds the right of taking strict action in the form of cancellation of the name of the student and the fees will not be given back. This kind of action will be taken after a strict and impartial inquiry by the higher management.
  3. We are proving the platform to facilitate the student in the changing scenarios of learning in the present world. For this purpose, the management has decided to provide enough learning material to the student to help them in their course. The material being provided is the property of the company and students are not allowed to share the material with any kind of the third party. If the student found guilty, management reserves the right to take disciplinary action against the student.
  4. The platform of wetheintellectuals is highly professional and it promotes student-teacher interaction as long as it is strives to help the students. So the management requires the student to remain reserve to the teachers and must not in any case share their personal information with the teacher. If a student is not following the rules and regulations and share its personal information, management will not bear the consequences of any sort done to the students.
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